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Ad Match will no longer be accessible in stores or on as of October 15th, 2020. We are dedicated to offering affordable prices both in-person and online. As a result, Walmart Canada no longer offers price matching.

Walmart Canada claims to be the best place to find out how much money can be saved on shopping and is prepared to assist Canadian customers in making savings.

Walmart announced in July that it would simplify e-commerce and online purchasing.

Our team confirmed this information with a Walmart corporate representative and associates at multiple stores. If you have questions you can check out Walmarts Price Match Policy.

Walmart Canada Price match policy?

Walmart Price Match Policy canada

I had hope they would modify their price match policy back to how it was before 2020 because I know they have lost much of my business.

I especially love to price match against stores like a giant tiger. I doubt that other customers feel the same way about making purchases at Walmart.

Walmart was great about price matching (ad matching) in 2019 and the years prior; they would accept any competitor ad with a feature price for a specific item.

At one point, you could bring in all of your local ads and get them priced match at Walmart, which was great for couponers when the retailer didn’t have enough stock or wanted to do a one-stop shop.

They approved any competitor’s advertisement that included a specific price and flyer-featured goods. Even when the price was offered in the same unit as fresh produce and meat ( example, pound, kg)

They would not take a 40% discount because there was no defined price, but the items also needed to  recogniz by brand and size.

Does Walmart Canada Price Match Online Prices?

Regrettably, Walmart Canada has discontinue the Ad Match program and the price match option available in-store and online at

The company hopes to eliminate checkout delays to offer a more straightforward purchasing process. Suitable for the business, not for the clients.

Supermarkets that match prices:
  • Giant Tiger/Tigre Géant
  • FreshCo
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • No Frills
  • Save on Foods
  • Maxi

How Do I Show Proof Of A Lower Price From Walmart?

Use your phone to show a Target employee an item’s pricing on Walmart’s website for online prices. The team member will next use a unique tool to confirm the price.

You can either show a member of the Target team the print advertisement or the digital version for print advertisements.

As a reminder, the advertisement must in its original form; screenshots, pictures, or photocopies will not accept as proof.

Does Walmart Canada is committed to sustainable chemistry?

walmart Canada’s commitment to sustainable chemistry is as follow:

👉 Walmart Canada will continuously collaborate with suppliers on sustainability improvements to address chemical disclosure, risk assessment, and hazard avoidance.

👉 Walmart Canada encourages all suppliers to openly declare all ingredients for their consumable product SKUs offer at our stores on their products and company websites.

Walmart US company has create a preliminary list of high-priority chemicals for ongoing restriction, reduction, and elimination.

Walmart US will periodically review this list to see if any other substances need to give higher priority.

Walmart Canada supports Walmart US’s monitoring of the reduction, restriction, and elimination of certain high-priority chemicals and their reporting schedules for the public.

We anticipate that any product improvements made by US suppliers (who are also doing business in Canada) will equally applicable in the Canadian market so that our Canadian customers will also benefit from the US mentioned above. Check out the walmart Price match policy.

Process for Price Match

After reading the requirements, let’s go on to the claim process. Walmart’s price-matching procedure is simple to comprehend.

Exclusion: You cannot match the products’ prices with those given by rival retailers at the time of a sale. The discount provided during Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or any other clearance sale is also included in this sale.

Does Walmart Price Match With Groceries?

The Walmart price match policy does not apply to food items or products that require membership like items that are offered in Costco and Sam’s Club.

The price match policies of Walmart are typically restricted to matching prices of similar products from competitive stores and on their site.

The policy does not apply to all items. Walmart will offer price adjustment for certain items that are offered at a cheaper cost by Walmart or an opponent within a certain period of time.

It’s always good to go to Walmart’s website, or contact an associate in the store for more details about their particular policies.

Does Walmart Price Match Their Website?

The answer is yes, Walmart will match prices on their own site, so it is in stock at both the Walmart website and Walmart’s Walmart store.

If a customer discovers a cheaper price for the same item on and wants to request an exchange of price at the moment of purchase, and within 14 days of purchase, by bringing their original purchase receipt.

There are a few limitations and exceptions and it’s recommend to look up Walmart’s website or talk with a store representative to learn more about their policies specific to them.

Walmart In-Store Price Match

The Walmart Price Match Guarantee also covers the retail purchase. It is referr to as price adjustment.

Prices at Walmart Stores and online stores may vary. In-store merchandise is higher priced than products purchased online, whereas others are more affordable.


We believe you now have a better understanding of how Walmart matches prices. Now that you have met their requirements, you can enjoy requesting your returns.

The good news is that other businesses besides Walmart provide a price-matching policy.

We list many businesses that let you do this on our website, and we even walk you through the process of requesting refunds for price matching and adjustment. For instance, we also described Staples’ price-matching strategy.

Contact us with Any questions you have about this policy. Walmart Policy in the comment section below. Additionally, you’re encouraged To share your insights and suggestions with us.

   FAQs – Walmart Price Match Policy Canada


Does walmart price match amazon?

Walmart Physical stores will not match prices with Amazon. In reality Amazon’s store-to-store Walmart pricing match policies does not permit any price match anymore. However, if you’re shopping on the internet, will totally match Amazon prices. Contact Customer Care to request an exchange of prices prior to placing an order.

Does walmart price match best buy?

Walmart offers an agreement with price match that is, they’ll match the cost of a particular product if it’s cheaper at another retailer. However their policy says they can only match prices from specific competitors. Best Buy is not currently in their list of acceptable retailers. Thus, Walmart does not price match Best Buy at this time.

Does walmart price match costco?

The Walmart price-match policy doesn’t at present include Costco as a competitive partner that is eligible. This means that Walmart is not able to price match Costco currently. It’s still an excellent idea to look on Walmart’s website or go to any Walmart store to check the policy on price match is update in order to cover Costco and other stores.

Does Walmart Canada do price match?

The Canadian Walmart does not match prices. You may see a list of the largest supermarket stores that price match here. Canadian customers have had access to Walmart Canada’s price-matching service for many years.

Does Walmart price match Amazon Canada? now uses for ad matching. Please call us at 1-800-328-0402 option one if you need help with ad matching. A representative will please to help you further.

What is Canadian price match?

Retailers will often lower their prices to match or even beat the cost of the identical product provide at a rival store. This practice is known as price matching. Visit my guide to price matching in Canada for more information.

Does Canadian Tire price match competitors?

As of August 5th, 2022, Canadian Tire will no longer price match. As this shift is relatively new, many stores are still getting use to it. If you’re looking for a list Of well-known retailers that match prices, click here.

Does Walmart price match Costco Canada?

We will match any advertising price made by a nearby rival. Items must match the advertisement precisely in size, number, brand, flavour, colour, etc.

Does Superstore price Match Canada?

Note that this grocery shop in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is called Atlantic Superstore, although they do not price match. Real Canadian Superstore’s price match policy is “demonstrate the lower stated price on an identical item, and they will match it.”

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