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In this article we’ll look at Walmart’s layaway plan, including the way it works, and what items qualify, in addition to whether or it is Walmart offers price match for layaway purchases.

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Walmart Layaway Price Adjustment

Everything You Want to Know About Walmart Price Match 

There are a few things Walmart won’t do when it comes To matching prices. Due to a recent policy change, they usually won’t match the prices of items from competing stores.

However, they may sometimes match the prices of items from competing stores online. Most of the time, a price match for their own products only works for the prices on their website.

Layaway items won’t have their prices matched if the lower price is because of a sale, like a Black Friday deal. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can also not match prices. You can check Walmarts Price Match Policy

Walmart will not price match:

  • Promotions for special events
  • Walmart Market Place
  • Financing
  • Competitor advertised pricing
  • Bundle offers, rebates, or mail-in offers

Because of this, price matching on layaway is minimal because they usually won’t price financed match offers, especially from competing stores.

Company Walmart
Price Match? Yes
Time-Frame Not specified
Price Matches;
Exclusions clearance; in-store prices; financing
Where to Redeem customer service; check-out lane

How to Get Walmart to Match a Price?

You need to take a few steps to use a price match at Walmart. Managing customer service issues and lengthy waiting times isn’t all that difficult however it can be very frustrating.

  • To get Walmart to match a price:
  • Get proof from the other store or Walmart’s website that the price is lower.
  • Check online to see if the item is in stock.
    Get your item from the store.
  • Show proof of the lower price and tell the associate about it.
  • The associate might have to ask a boss for permission.
  • You can buy the item for less if the price match is accepted.

Walmart Layaway Basics

  • There must be a minimum cost of $10 for layaway items
  • There must be a minimum purchase of $50 on layaway
  • By Dec 14th, layaway items must be paid in full to be picked up
  • Paying for layaway items is accessible at any Walmart location

How does Walmart Layaway work?

Here’s how the Walmart Layaway Program works with Affirm:

  • If you want to buy items in the store, go to first to see if you qualify for the amount you want to spend. Having this checked won’t hurt your credit score, but if you sign up for a loan through affirm and finish it, it might.
  • If you get the loan, you’ll choose a payment plan. This may vary from 3 – 24 months, and you will likely be charged interest. We don’t believe it’s a good idea spend Christmas in debt So if you’re able to save money by other means take advantage of it!
  • Next, choose your items in the store, bring them to the checkout, and scan the barcode Affirm gave you. All payments must be made online or through the Affirm app on your phone.

Walmart Layaway: What Can You Put on Layaway?

Unfortunately, not every item at Walmart is eligible for layaway. Layaway is available at Walmart for the following items:

  • Jewelry
  • Toys 
  • Gaming
  • Automotive
  • Cooking & Dining
  • Sporting Goods
  • Bedding
  • Fabrics & Crafts
  • Media
  • Cameras & Supplies
  • Home Decor
  • Wireless

Walmart’s Layaway Exclusions

Some things can’t be put on layaway at Walmart. Some of the restrictions, for example, are:

  • Layaway plans can only be set up in-store.
  • All wireless phones are left out.
  • Don’t have it on Thanksgiving.
  • Other rules vary from store to store.

Everything You need to know Before Using Layaway at Walmart

Before you use Walmart Layaway, you must know a few things, like the terms, the cancellation policy, the age requirements, and the return policy. Let’s take a closer look at these:

Return Policy

The 90-day return policy at Walmart also applies to all layaway and Affirm purchases.

Cancellation Policy

The items are returned on the shelves if you cancel your Walmart Layaway account.
Also, you’ll get back your down payment and any other payments you’ve made, less a $10 cancellation fee.
Also, the cancellation fee varies from state to state.


As was already said, the Walmart Layaway program starts on August 28 and ends on December 14.
As part of Walmart’s terms, you must make your last payment at the same store where you bought the item before the end of your plan.
Your account will Be closed if you don’t follow these rules.

Age Requirement

For using Walmart Layaway and Affirm financing, you have to be at least 18 years old.
The person paying for the item And the person picking it up must be at least 18 years old.

What Is Walmart Buy Now, Pay Later?

Walmart is now offering an “buy now and make a payment in the future” programme called “Affirm”. It allows customers to divide the cost of their purchase into monthly installments with interest.

The program is only available exclusively for online purchases which is subjected to approval depending on buyer’s creditworthiness.

With Affirm customers are able to see exactly what they’ll have to pay upfront, with no additional fees or surprise charges.

The program allows customers to make purchases over time while having the ability to purchase the items they require immediately.

If you’re thinking of buying something at Walmart but require additional time in order to make payments, make sure to look into the Affirm program.

Walmart Buy Now, Pay Later No Credit Check

However Walmart’s “buy now make payment later” program, dubbed Affirm requires an approval from a credit report.

That means those with poor credit or have no credit history may not be eligible For this program.

But, Walmart offers other alternatives for those who want to buy items with low credit scores, like their layaway program or pre-paid debit card.

These are options worth exploring if searching for other options you can pay for Walmart purchases without having to write a credit check.

Walmart Layaway Online

Walmart has a layaway plan to customers who purchase online. Shoppers can place items in their carts and choose”layaway” as their “layaway” option during the checkout.

They can make a down payment of either $20 or 20 percent of the cost of the item (whichever is more) and choose their payment timeframe, usually twice a week.

But not all products can be put on layaway. It’s therefore important to confirm the item’s details prior to making a decision to use the layaway feature.

Walmart’s online layaway service is an easy way to pay for purchases over time , without needing to leave home.


In the end, Walmart’s layaway plan and policy on price matches are fantastic methods of saving money on purchases.

When you take advantage of these options, you can put your purchases on layaway, and make installments over time, while being in a position to match prices if you discover a better price elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a sensible and economical method to shop, go to Walmart to make the most of their price match and layaway options. Enjoy shopping!


Which walmart has layaway?

The majority of Walmart stores have the layaway option, particularly during the Christmas season. It is recommended to visit the nearest Walmart store to find out whether they have any current layaway options, since some stores might not offer the program all year long.

Visit Walmart’s site or contact their customer service department for additional information about their layaway program , and the stores that provide it.

How to pay with affirm at walmart in-store?

You cannot use Affirm to make purchases in Walmart stores. It is available only for purchases on Walmart’s website. Customers can choose Affirm as the Affirm payment option during checkout and follow the instructions to finish the purchase. It requires a credit verification to be approved, and the rates of interest and payment terms could differ depending on the creditworthiness.

What can i buy with affirm at walmart?

Affirm allows you to buy a range of Walmart’s products such as furniture, electronics and appliances, clothing and much more. But not all items can be financed through Affirm and the approval process is dependent on creditworthiness.

If you shop on Walmart’s site you can look for the payment option Affirm at checkout. Then follow the instructions to request financing and complete your purchase. It is important to remember that Affirm could charge fees and interest which is clearly shown at the time of checkout and late payments could result in additional charges or penalties.

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