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If you’re wondering whether Does Walmart Price Match Target, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain everything you need to know about Target Price Match Walmart.

With a wide selection of goods at competitive rates and a flexible price matching policy to keep its devoted customers, Target has become one of the top retail chains in the United States.

You might be wondering if Target will match Walmart’s rates for goods Walmart sells for less, given that Walmart is a significant rival of Target and provides products at comparable costs.

Here’s what I found out via doing research. For more information you can check Walmarts Price Match.

Walmart Price Match Target

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy?

Target’s excellent price matching policy is the first thing to be aware of. To prevent you from spending more to shop at Target’s stores.

Target will match the price if you find a product advertised for less money at one of its rivals. The extensive Price Match Guarantee offered by Target is detailed here.

This is how Target’s price-matching policy functions. If you purchase a qualifying item from a Target store or online and later discover the identical item for less through an internet competitor or a competitor’s printed local ad, the firm will match the lower price.

If you discover the same item for cheaper online, Target stores will also match the price on

Does Target Price Match With Walmart?

Target will match the prices of identical products offered by Walmart, both online and in-person. Within 14 days of the purchase, customers can file a request at a Target location or by calling

Guest Services and providing appropriate documentation. Target won’t match Walmart’s rollbacks or discounts on products.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about submitting a price match request, what Target would accept as acceptable proof, and what products are not covered by its price match policy.

What Conditions Apply For Target To Price Match?

Target does match prices with all of its eligible rivals, although there are some restrictions and limitations that do apply, such as:

▶A product’s pricing must disclos and current at price matching.

▶The items must match one another. For the item to be eligible for a price match, the brand name, size, weight, model number, And colour must all match.

▶If your item was purchased More than 14 days ago, Target’s Price Match Guarantee is no longer valid.

▶You must be able to present a receipt if you’re asking for a price match after the fact.

▶Target stores will not price match products from other Target stores. However, will match Target store prices and vice versa.

▶All price matching at Target locations is not available in Alaska and Hawaii.

▶At each particular retail location, Target has the right to impose a cap on the number of price matching it promises to any client.

▶Target won’t match pricing on coupons, loyalty programmes, discount codes, or credit or gift card promotions.

▶Items from Target PlusTM Partners are not eligible for price matching.

How Do I Request A Price Match At Target?

Within 14 days after your purchase, if you locate the same item at Walmart for less money, you can return to any Target location and show a staff member at any checkout lane your receipt as evidence of pricing.

To seek a price match for items purchased online, contact and call Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 while supplying the URL to Walmart’s advertisement or product listing.

Target will independently verify the lower price, so you must remember to submit your price match request with valid documentation.

What Exclusions Apply For Target To Price Match With Walmart?

Regarding price matching, some exclusions exist, as with most store regulations. Items falling into any of the following categories will not have their prices matched by Target:

▶damaged, pre-owned, used, open packaging, and clearance items
▶Offers for coupons, promotions, rewards programmes, gift cards, and credit cards
▶incorrect pricing brought on by inputting mistakes
▶Price matching cannot be used with other offers of any kind.
▶Items priced by outside vendors, such as those found at markets
▶Alcohol price matching is going to govern by state laws.

Does Target Offer Price Adjustments?

Target provides price modifications as well as price matching. Are you curious as to the distinction? Price adjustments apply to goods at a single store whose prices fluctuate over time.

In contrast, price matches apply to goods discovered for less money through competitors. In other words, you can ask for a price adjustment if you buy something at Target one day and then find the same item there for less money a few days later.

Remember that Target will only change prices for goods you purchased in-store and returned within 14 days. Online purchases are also subject to price changes. check walmart Price match policy.

Does Target Price Match Walmart Discount Deals?

Target will regrettably not match any Walmart discount offers, rollbacks, or other promotional offerings at a lower price.

See the section below for a complete list of exceptions from Target’s price match policy.

Does Walmart Price Match Target With Sales?

Here’s a brief review of Walmart’s policies on price-matching Target sales:

  • Walmart offers price match Target sales for similar items in Target stores in the local area. Target locations within a specific distance of the Walmart site.
  • The item must be the same to the one currently on sale at the local Target store and the purchaser must prove the cheaper cost.
  • Walmart is not able to match liquidation sales or clearance sale prices, sales with percentage discounts or sales on bundles/limited time offers.
  • Walmart reserves the ability to limit quantities and set a minimum purchase price or exclude certain products and retailers from its price match policy.
  • If you wish to get a price match show proof of the cheaper rate to the cashier the customer support desk during the moment of making the purchase.

Does Walmart Price Match Target Online?

There is no way, Walmart does not price match Target’s prices online.

According the Walmart’s official price match policy, they match prices of local competitors who have physical stores that are within a certain area of the Walmart site.

They do not match prices from online retailers, like the Target website, or third-party sellers who sell on marketplaces.

But, Walmart has competitive rates and a variety of deals on their own site and in-store. It’s recommended to research the prices prior to making purchases.

Walmart Price Match In-Store

  • This is a brief outline of Walmart’s policy on price match: Walmart provides price matching in-store on the same items sold in the local stores of its competitors.
  • The product at a lower price is required to in stock at a nearby competitor store at the date when the price match is made.
  • Walmart does not match prices offered by third-party sellers, online retailers, on marketplace sites or membership organizations.
  • The purchaser must present evidence of the lower price for example, an advertisement in print or a web link.
  • Walmart reserves the ability to limit quantities and set a minimum purchase price or exclude certain products as well as retailers. match policy.
  • If you wish to get a price match show proof of the cheaper cost to the cashier, or the customer support desk during the moment of making the purchase.

Walmart Price Match App

The Walmart app will allow users to price-match products. To take advantage of the Price Match feature of the Walmart app, you’ll have to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Install Walmart. Get the Walmart app from the app store And sign in to your account.
  • Look up the item you wish to purchase and click it to reveal the product specifications.
  • Click down until you reach”In-store prices” scroll down until the “In-store pricing” section and tap “See local store pricing.”
  • Simply enter your Zip Code in order to locate nearby stores.
  • Choose the retailer you wish to price match to confirm the price.
  • Include the items in the shopping cart & then proceed to the checkout.

At checkout the app will add the discount, if the product is qualified. It is crucial to remember that there Are exceptions and limitations to this policy.

Walmart Price Match policy so make sure to review the details of their policy on their site or in the app.


Target will match prices on items purchased at Walmart under its Price Match Guarantee programme as long as you return within 14 days of the original purchase.

You will need to demonstrate appropriate documentation in the original Walmart product advertisement or a link to the product listing on Walmart’s website (no copies accepted).

Be aware that Target will not match prices on discount offers, promotions, or third-party products.

 FAQs – Does Target Price Match Walmart


Does Target price match against Walmart?

Does Target match Walmart’s price? Yes, Target will compare prices on identical goods available at Walmart stores and online.

The discounted item must be exact and in stock, like with the other price matches, for a price match to be successful.

Does walmart price match sam’s club?

Walmart along with Sam’s Club are both owned by the same parent company however, they are distinct entities that have their own pricing policy. This means that Walmart doesn’t price the same as Sam’s Club prices.

Does Target price match with anyone?

If you purchase a qualifying item from Target and later discover it for less at, among a few online competitors, or in a local print advertisement from Target or a competitor, we’ll match the price. Price matching requests can be made at the time of purchase or up to 14 days afterwards.

Does walmart price match amazon?

Walmart Physical stores will not match prices with Amazon. In reality Amazon’s store-to-store Walmart pricing match policies does not permit any price match anymore. However, if you’re shopping on the internet, will totally match Amazon prices. Contact Customer Care to request an exchange of prices prior to placing an order.

Will target price match an out of stock item?

The item must not be in stock to request a price match on When appropriate, customers who visit a Target store because an item is unavailable on may ask for a price adjustment at Guest Services.

Does Best Buy match Costco prices?

“We do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse club is a local retail rival, has an identical instantly available product, and all other price match conditions are met,” reads the Best Buy website.

Does walmart price match gamestop?

Many rivals will offer prices that match GameStop’s. GameStop is also an authorized retailer for price matching with Target as well as for However, GameStop isn’t part of Walmart’s policy of price matching. as they don’t regard them as an opponent directly.

Who is Target’s biggest competitor?

Target’s main rival is Walmart. It has 4743 stores in the US and 5,000 internationally. Another big competition is Amazon, which has millions of e-commerce and Prime members online.

Is Target price matching Amazon Prime Day?

Target does indeed match Amazon’s price. The product should be of identical in size, brand and weight, colour number, and model number.

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