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If you’re wondering whether Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy? you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain everything you need to know about Walmart Price Match Best Buy.

The biggest retail stores in the United States, Walmart & Best Buy, have their own rules for Price Match. However, you may be wondering if Walmart will price match Best Buy.

For those seeking to cut costs, it’s vital to know these rules and how they affect the prices of each other.

Does Price Match Best Buy with Walmart?

Walmart Price Match Best Buy

We are discussing price matching for the same brand, size, colour, model, and quantity. Given these data, Walmart does price match Best Buy, but does it still work with coupons and promo codes? Discover it.

You may have discount coupons from them; apply them, then ask Walmart about price matching.

Walmart won’t price-match if you use a coupon. If you want Walmart to match Best Buy’s price, discount prices won’t work. Fore information check Walmarts Price Match Policy

Is Price Match Policy Dead With Walmart’s?

Walmart announced the cancellation of its popular Price Match policy, commonly known as the Savings Catcher, in a letter to customers in 2019.

“…we have decided to terminate the Savings Catcher receipt submission, starting May 14, 2019,” it said in part.

Customers could once present receipts and proof of a lower price from a competitor, and Walmart would refund the difference.

Then, a little more than a year later, Walmart similarly discontinued the Savings Catcher (now known as Ad Match) program in its Canadian locations.

The cancellation was attributed to “unpopularity and checkout delays,” effectively ending price matching in the United States and Canada.

A Walmart employee who commented on Quora also stated that Savings Catcher “was always designed to be ephemeral.”

She said that it was being utilized to acquire pricing information.

This makes sense, as stated in a Walmart email in 2019: “Walmart’s pricing win most of the time…which tells us that the program’s purpose has been realized.”

Does Best Buy Price Match With Walmart?

Even if Walmart does not price match Best Buy or any other competition, Best Buy will.

“…we price match all local competitors (including their online prices), and we price match products…from…,” according to the company’s Price Match Guarantee.

Customers can also get a price match from Best Buy in-store And online at

Go to the Customer Service desk or chat with a Customer Specialist in-store. You can utilize the website’s online chat tool to communicate with someone.

However, Best Buy does not price match Walmart when the item is subject to Black Friday pricing, pre-orders, or unique “flash” specials that run for a day or an hour. Does Walmart price match Amazon? This is a frequent question for people looking to find the most value for their purchases.

Price Matching Process At Walmart

Walmart’s price match method is simple, and if you find an identical product at Best Buy, Walmart will likely match the price.

Price Matching is only available online at Walmart reduced Price Matching in 2019. To get Walmart to compare Best Buy prices, you must find the exact colour, brand, size, and quantity on Best Buy’s website, not in their stores.

When you’ve chosen a product and confirmed its other details, you may call Walmart Customer Care and ask them to check Best Buy’s price so they can adjust theirs.

If the Walmart associate deems Best Buy’s product the same as Walmart’s, they will drop the price to match Best Buy’s prices.

However, the Walmart associate has the authority to turn down your request if they don’t find the product to be the same.

How Do I Request Best Buy To Price Match With Walmart?

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Customers can seek a discount from Best Buy by presenting a lower price they found at a nearby Walmart.

Ask for price comparison with Walmart and a discount based on the resulting price difference while speaking to the Customer Service department.

Employees at Best Buy will review and confirm the eligibility of the price match request by calling the store or looking at the store’s website.

The employee will receive a discount from Best Buy after verifying the pricing differential of an identical item with a nearby Walmart shop.

Can You Price Match With Walmart In-Store At Best Buy?

The good news is that Best Buy lets customers price-compare items on Walmart in-store and ask for a discount based on the resulting price difference.

Customers can compare prices with those at nearby Walmart locations and ask for a price adjustment thanks to Best Buy’s price match guarantee policy.

Retail establishments within a 25-mile radius are competitors in the area, according to Best Buy. If a local Walmart store has a lower price for the same item, it will honor customers’ requests for price reductions.

Best Buy Sale Or Occasion Prices

Even though you might have found the identical item at Best Buy without using a coupon, the product is sadly already on sale.

If this is the case, you might be curious whether Walmart can match prices for products on sale. Unfortunately, Walmart counts these items as reduced items and does not consider doing the Price Match with them.

Retailers give out mind-blowing discounts on special occasions like Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Cyber Week, or any other sale events or circumstances.

If this is the case and you discover an identical product at a lower price, Walmart will not still consider price matching since these prices also fall under the category of discounted prices for Walmart and cannot be price matched.

Does Best Buy Price Match  With Walmart After Purchase?

 Best Buy’s policy on price matching prevents customers from price matching Walmart after making a purchase.

Best Buy’s price match guarantee policy is available at the moment of purchase. Customers are prohibited from comparing prices with Walmart while the return and exchange period is in effect.

As a result, you should consider asking for a reduction up front rather than later if you find an item at your neighbourhood Walmart for less money.

The comparison must be performed with prices at Best Buy in-store, on, or in the My Best Buy app for Best Buy to honor a price match request made after the fact.

Walmart Price Match App

The Walmart app will allow users to price-match products. To take advantage of the Price Match feature of the Walmart app, you’ll have to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Install Walmart. Get the Walmart app from the app store And sign in to your account.
  • Look up the item you wish to purchase and click it to reveal the product specifications.
  • Click down until you reach”In-store prices” scroll down until the “In-store pricing” section and tap “See local store pricing.”
  • Simply enter your Zip Code in order to locate nearby stores.
  • Choose the retailer you wish to price match to confirm the price.
  • Include the items in the shopping cart & then proceed to the checkout.

At checkout the app will add the discount, if the product is qualified. It is crucial to remember that there Are exceptions and limitations to this policy.

Walmart Price Match policy so make sure to review the details of their policy on their site or in the app.


Walmart’s Price Matching Policy is clear: only if you find a product with similar features and no discounts are applied.

Also, some prices won’t be matched. If you locate a product at Best Buy that meets all the qualifications, it’s eligible for Price Matching. Call Walmart Customer Care to get the matching price.

 FAQs – Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart


Does walmart price match with target?

Absolutely, Walmart price matches Target in the event that the item being matched identical and is in stock in both stores and meets the Walmart price match policy’s requirements.

Will Best Buy also Price Match Walmart?

In-store or Walmart Marketplace prices will not be considered for a price match, precisely like Walmart. Yes, Best Buy also price matches Walmart.

The only costs that count toward a price match are those listed on the website.

Does Best Buy match Costco prices?

“We do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse club is a local retail rival, has an identical instantly available product, and all other price match conditions are met,” reads the Best Buy website.

Does walmart price match sam’s club?

Walmart along with Sam’s Club are both owned by the same parent company however, they are distinct entities that have their own pricing policy. This means that Walmart doesn’t price the same as Sam’s Club prices.

Does Best Buy price match Apple Com?

Best Buy doesn’t price rival match stores. Since Apple school pricing is already a discount offered by a rival, Best Buy cannot match it.23

Does Best Buy price match GameStop online?

Best Buy won’t match GameStop’s prices in-store or online until 2022. Best Buy customers can save money using the My Best Buy loyalty programme, coupons, and in-store pick-up.

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