Does Walmart Price Match ❤️

Walmart price match policy permits customers to pay similar prices on a similar product offered at cheaper prices by a competitor’s shop.

This policy seeks to give customers the most price for their money, and also encourage shoppers to keep shopping at Walmart.

However, there are certain guidelines and rules that apply in this respect and it is essential to understand the rules prior to you try the match prices.

We’ll be covering everything you need to know about Walmart’s price match guarantee. This includes the guidelines as well as the limitations and steps you can take to get the benefits.

If you are confused you can check out Walmart’s price match policy

Walmart Price Match

What items are excluded from Walmart’s Price Match Guarantee?

Walmart’s Price Match Guarantee does not apply to all items. Items that are excluded include:

  • Items that are on clearance or closeout
  • Items that are part of a bundle or promotional offer
  • Items that are offered as part of a discount program such as a store loyalty program
  • Items that are sold through third-party marketplaces
  • Items that are offered for free or at a loss

Which Online Retailers Will Walmart Price Match?

Let’s say you go to Walmart to buy something that is cheaper elsewhere. In that case, Walmart’s policy of matching prices will help you get the best deal possible.

At the moment, Walmart only matches the prices of 28 online stores:


This means that if you find an item On the Walmart App or website that is cheaper than the price in the store, Walmart will match it.

Additionally, there are distinctions between purchasing offline and online.

 Here’s how to ensure that Walmart’s price match policy works best for you.

What Are The Price Match Rules?

Walmart’s price match policy is not perfect. You should be aware of the exceptions.

For in-store purchases

  • Price matching does not work in Alaska, Hawaii, Or Puerto Rico.
  • and are two examples of online retailers that Walmart does not match in terms Of pricing.
  • The in-store price match policy only applies to
  • Customers can only price match one item per day.
  • Mail-in rebates, instant rebates, and buy one, get one free offer are not included in bundle deals.

For online purchases

  • Items marked as closeout, liquidation, refurbished, or flash sales are not included.
  • Price matching doesn’t work for items sold for less during Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Week.
  • Price matching only works for the price that is listed. It doesn’t cover extra coupons or discounts that are applied at checkout.
  • Only a few online stores listed above are eligible for price matching.

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How to spot a good deal when price matching?

Look for items that have a high price difference between the two stores, as this will maximize your savings.

Also, look for items that have special offers Or discounts from the other retailer, as this will help you get an even better deal. Finally, seek for products that are less than Walmart’s standard pricing because doing so will also enable you to save money.

Strategies for getting the best deals with price matching

Price matching tactics might help you acquire the greatest discounts. The first is to look for stores that offer price matching and compare their prices with those at Walmart.

You may also benefit from exclusive deals and price reductions provided by other merchants, such as coupon codes or promotional offers. Finally, you can also look for items that are cheaper on the Walmart app or website than they are in the store and price match them.

How Exactly Does Their Online Price Match Work?

Suppose you find the same product at a different store for a lower price, Contact Walmart before you place your order, and they’ll give you a lower price.

Remember – Shoppers must meet specific criteria in order to benefit from the price match policy like:

  • Items must be the exact color, size, and quantity, make and model;
  • Items that are not in stock will not be eligible for rain checks;
  • Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Michaels, or Sears must sell the same item.
  • Offer is limited to One item per customer per day. has the final decision for matching any online price.

How to Request Walmart’s Price Match

As you know, Walmart uses several criteria to qualify its product price match program. Follow these steps if you think you’re eligible for a price match:

Item Purchased from a Competitor Online (

  • Make sure the item you are about To purchase is eligible for a price match by contacting Walmart customer care or call them directly at 1 (800) 966-6546 before you place your order online.
  • Walmart Customer service will notify you if the product is eligible for price matching.

In-Store Price Match to Online Prices

The store manager determines whether the prices match or not for the item purchased from the competitor’s platform.

Walmart Store Prices

Suppose, You Find Walmart’s in-store price is lower than the item’s price on the Walmart online store; in this case you can Ask the Walmart store associate if the product is eligible for price matching.

Examples of successful price matching

There are several instances of customers who have utilized the Price Match Guarantee to effectively secure fantastic prices, proving that price matching may be a terrific method to save money.

One example is a shopper who found a laptop for $100 cheaper at Best Buy than it was at Walmart. They were able to get the laptop for the lower price by showing the cashier the Best Buy ad.

Another example is a shopper who found a TV for $150 cheaper On Amazon than it was at Walmart. They were able to get the TV for the lower price by entering the URL of the item on the Walmart checkout page.

Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy?

 Walmart Price Match Best Buy

If the local Best Buy is a local retail competitor to the Walmart store in your location, Walmart will price match it at the time of purchase. Walmart’s price match guarantee policy allows customers to check prices at local Best Buy shops and request a price adjustment.

Customers can present a lower price in a local Best Buy store and receive a discount at Walmart. You can check detailed information on Does Walmart Price Match Best Buy?

All you have to do is contact the Customer Service department and request a price comparison with Best Buy and a discount depending On the price difference.

Walmart workers will either call the store or check the store’s website to assess and verify the price match request’s eligibility.

Best Buy will issue a discount whenever the employee validates the pricing difference of an available identical item with a local Best Buy shop.

Does Walmart Price Match Target?

Walmart Price Match Target

Beginning in 2022, Walmart will only match products sold on with those sold on Before placing an order, contact Customer Care.

Price matching is not available for Target store prices, sale items, or ads that are not guaranteed to match the original price.

If you buy an item at Walmart and then find the exact same item for a lower price at Target within 14 days of purchasing it, you can visit any Walmart and provide a staff member at any lane with proof of pricing.

The item must be accessible at and at the time of your request. You will find detailed information on Does Walmart Price Match Target?

Walmart limits price match requests on single items to one per person per day, unless the purchase is for resale.

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Walmart Price Match Amazon

Walmart does price match most products against at a lower price. The object must be equal in size, quality, and color for a price match.

Because Walmart does not price match in-store, all price matches must be completed online by calling Walmart Care.

The item you’re price matching must also be in stock on Walmart’s website and match the lower-priced goods on in size, quantity, and color. Check out complete information on Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Furthermore, Walmart can only match one item per client daily and will not match Amazon Prime or Prime offers.

If you believe you are entitled to a price match discount from compared to Amazon, you must call Walmart Customer Service before placing your order.

The customer support representative you talk with will check the item’s eligibility and decide whether or not to match the price.

Does Walmart Price Match Gamestop?

It is true that Walmart matches prices with GameStop. If you discover a lower price for the same item on GameStop, Walmart will match the price.

There are some limitations and guidelines that must be followed like the item being available at both stores as well as the cost being confirmed by a Walmart associate.

It is recommended to visit Walmart’s official website or talk with an associate at the store for more information on their price match policy.

Alternatives to Walmart’s Price Match Guarantee

There are a few choices if you want to save costs but don’t want to employ Walmart’s Price Match Guarantee. The first option is to join retailer loyalty programs, which frequently provide discounts on merchandise.

You can also look for coupon codes or promotional offers from other retailers. Online purchasing can also save you money.


Walmart’s Price Match Guarantee allows you to save big on your purchases. It’s easy to use and can help you get the best deals On all your favorite items.

Just remember to compare prices from multiple retailers, look for additional discounts, and take advantage of special offers.

With a little bit of planning, you can Get the best deals with Walmart’s Price Match Guarantee.


Does walmart price match sam’s club?

The answer is no, Walmart does not price match Sam’s Club. The price matching policy of Walmart does not apply to price matching with members-only retailers such as Sam’s Club, Costco, or BJ’s Wholesale Club.

This policy is only applicable to prices offered by brick and mortar competitors as well as certain online retailers. The fact is, Walmart and Sam’s Club are part of the parent corporation, which means they might offer comparable discounts and prices on certain items.

Does walmart price match costco?

Walmart cannot price match Costco. Walmart does not price match Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s Wholesale Club. This regulation only applies to pricing from brick-and-mortar rivals and some internet businesses.

Walmart Costco and Walmart Costco are significant merchants and may offer comparable discounts and prices on some goods. Always compare rates to obtain the best deal.

Does walmart price match on tires?

It is true that Walmart provides price match on tires. If you discover a cheaper price for a particular tire available to purchase at Walmart they will be able to match that price.

The tire of the competitor must be an identical model and be in stock and available to purchase prior to pricing match. Price match rules at Walmart requires that customers provide proof of the price being lower for the tire, like an advertisement or printed price list.

Always check with Walmart or go to their website for more details on the price match policies on tires.